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Below are letters from people who have purchased pets from us.
I just wanted to sent a little note to see how things were going and see how Larry was doing?
We are enjoying our puppy so much. She is a mess, she is much different than the male Dane I had. Every where we go people stop us and ask about her, they all think she is so pretty. My wife swears that I like the dog more than her :-) Thanks for giving us such a great dog.
Howe Family

Sure love him He is the best dog ever

Tara Veigas

In 2005 we purchased the greatest dog ever from you and your family. I don't know if you would remember us, but we will never forget you for what you gave us. I've attached some photos of Runt, just thought you would like to see how one of your puppies is doing now. He is our big spoiled baby. His favorite things to do are run around the yard and play in the edge of the lake. He also enjoys sleeping on his couch. Enjoy.

Audra Williams
April & Larry,

In 2006 we bought a male fawn from the moonbeam litter. We named him Diesel because he was so big! Diesel turned out to be the greatest dog I have ever owned, and ever seen.Not just us but everyone that ever met Diesel agreed!He had the most gentle, sweet, fun-loving personality.We do not have babies, however we have friends with babies and Diesel was always so patient and calm around all. Diesel was so intelligent and super easy to train in all areas.

He passed away Sunday night from severe Pancreatitis, and even with all the pain he was in, when we picked him up, he didn’t snap . . . he cared so much for us and would never hurt his family. We are heart broken and so unbelievably lost without him. He was more than just a family pet; he was an amazing family member and protector. I understand you have 2 week old fawn/brindle and 3 week old black/blue. I am interested in a male & female. We know we can’t go wrong coming back to you for Great Danes as Diesel was superior in this breed. Please send me pics as soon as you can as I would like first choice if at all possible. And last time you hand picked the biggest so please help us again. We trust Kennedy Great Danes so much and will only go to you for a dog as we know exactly what we get and could not be happier.
RIP Diesel . . . we miss you like crazy guy and love you more than anyone can imagine.
Kevin, Annie & Tudie
I bought a blue dane from you guys in March of 2007.
I named him Tyson and he is the best dog ever! He is still healthy and spoiled rotten. I would like to send you guys a picture of him so you can post on your site. Thanks again for bringing this "child" into my life!!